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Update Clash of Clans: the Tower of hell level 5 Miner, level 5, Sorcerer level 8, PEKKA level 6, Cannon level 15, Tower archer level 15 more

A little while ago David[Supercell] has posted on the forum with the new update coming to Clash of Clans: will include new levels to troops and buildings in addition that changes on the statistics of the game. Certainly stands the Tower of hell which comes at level 5 and the possibility of watching a...

Win 1000 gems + Statues activating the SMS Alert of the update of Clash of Clans

Categories: Clash of Clans, Updates and News about Clash of Clans, Cheats for Clash of Clans Tags: Update Clash of Clans May Gems, PEKKA Supercell has spread with great importance this web service, however many have had to find this out: the team Clash of Clans offers a free tool to receive an SMS alert...


2 the Best Deck for Clan Battles-to-use: Executioner, Tornado, PEKKA, Poison

A combination of Deck really terrific that we have personally tested on our skin: with the use of particular cards that are not commonly used in the battles between Clan associated with other cards as reinforcement, victory is almost assured. Discover the 2 best decks for Battles between Clans to use...