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Eva Henger and Francesco Monte made peace: finally ended the controversy over the barrel-gate?

Feed Released from KontroKulturaApparently Eva Henger and Francesco Monte made peace. The two will clash more on the story, which has cost threats to Eva and her family, and the withdrawal of the Mount from the reality There has long been talk of barrel-gate, or of the controversy surrounding the confession...


The Unesco prize for Peace to Nicolini, mayor of Lampedusa: “the Tribute in memory of the victims”

The jury of the Prize Houphouet-Boigny for the search for peace, Unesco has conferred the prestigious award to the mayor of Lampedusa, Giuseppina Nicolini, and the French Ngo SOS Méditerranée for having saved the lives of many refugees and migrants and to have them welcomed with dignity. “When she was...

Luino, on Friday, the discovery of the trips of Pope Francis with the vatican expert Andrea Tornielli

A meeting is to be held next Friday, at 18, at the salon of the UBI Banca of Luino, where will be presented the book “On the road”, written by Andrea Tornielli, vaticanist “The Press” and editor of the blog “Vatican Insider”. The moderator of the meeting will be Alessandro Franzetti, a spokesman for...