Pasta Dishes

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Prepare the seafood risotto, the perfect recipe

Another excellent first course with seafood, but this time made with rice. The seafood risotto is really luscious, it's the first dish perfect for all seasons but even more obviously in the summer. Dinner or lunch complete with the seafood risotto which in this case is with the addition of the tomato,...

The recipe for tomatoes stuffed with rice pilaf

And’ the recipe for tomatoes stuffed with rice but do not go in the oven, are the kurds, in the oven, however, there must be rice to have a perfect rice pilaf with saffron. And’ one of the summer recipes, but not only that you can not lose, the tomatoes stuffed with the rice pilaf will be perfect served...

Prepare the lasagna with eggplant and ricotta salata

Between the lasagna, the best of course, lasagna with eggplant, of course, with the tomatoes and the ricotta salata. Eggplants fry, prepare a sauce as well as fast and then we assemble everything and then cook our lasagna. The lasagna can also cook them in a frying pan, but there is no doubt that cooked...