Pasta Dishes

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Vincisgrassi is the recipe of Benedetta Rossi from the home Made for you

Vincisgrassi is the recipe for the may 2, 2020 Benedetta Rossi, one of the new recipes Made at home for you to the Food Network. It is a first dish and very delicious, the lasagna umbria that everyone likes and at the end Benedetta Rossi is once again satisfied with the result, its vincisgrassi are perfect...


Recipes Cooked and Eaten: asparagus risotto with egg yolk marinated

A first perfect dish from the new recipes Cooked and Eaten, and it is a risotto with asparagus and egg yolk marinated. A recipe for spring with Tessa Gelisio, it is the time of asparagus and the preparation of this risotto is simple and fast. The delightful touch, and the original of this recipe Cooked...

The recipe of the gnocchi with 4 cheeses of Maria Elena

They are delicious, the homemade gnocchi and the recipe Maria Elena now suggests to us how to prepare them at home. We serve a dish that is very tasty, the gnocchi with four cheeses. The version of the recipe of the gnocchi with the potatoes makes the dish lighter, the dumplings softer and also less...