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Night closure of crossing points, Mounts: “the Wrong time and in the manner, by the Swiss signal against immigration”

Debate continues related to the closing of the minor valleys of Switzerland. To intervene this morning is the regional councillor of the Northern League, Emanuele Monti: “the Wrong ways and times, Switzerland launches signal against management european immigration”. Night closure of crossing points,...

The region of Lombardy and of the province of Varese to the side of the mayors of the border for the closing of the pass of Cremenaga

The issue relating to the closure of the border crossing of Ponte Cremenaga, in the Province of Varese and the Canton Ticino, after the sit-in of the Saturday evening part of the twenty mayors of the Community of the Piambello, is followers on the banks of the Lombardy Region, at the Regio Insubrica,...

Cremenaga, accident on the road. 36-year-old transported to the St. Anna with the helicopter

An accident happened in the early afternoon of today on the road of Cremenaga. To stay involved with a man 36 years of age, transported to the Sant'anna hospital in Como with the helicopter. On the spot, the police, the Fire Brigade, an ambulance of the Red Cross of Luino and a medical car of Varese....