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Belen Rodriguez paparazzi in the company of a knight: that's who it is

The love story between Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone can be defined as closed. To decide the fate of the report would have been precisely the showgirl argentina, who this summer had denied the sentimental crisis with the pilot of Moto Gp. In the last few hours, the web began to circulate, some of...

Lea Michele is always at work

Photo: @ Instagram/ Lea MicheleFor Lea Michele it is not easy to unplug from the demands of work and on Instagram wanted to give us the evidence.The actress has posted on social a paparazzi that show as he walks out from a door wearing leather pants and shoes studded, busy writing something on his smartphone:“I...

Belen Rodriguez against the photographers, raise the middle finger and says: “you will Die poor”

Belen was not very nice as usual this time. The paparazzi who follow her everywhere, he raised the middle finger and said Belen Rodriguez knows how to talk about it. This time it is a disproportionate reaction to paparazzi and journalists to stir up controversy on the web. A few hours ago [...]The article...