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Marina Giulia Cavalli Live: “I spoke with my daughter after her death”

Yesterday evening, Sunday the 13th of October 2019, was aired in the early evening on Canale 5, a new installment of the Live – it is Not the d'urso. Many of the topics and the guests of the evening including Marina Giulia Cavalli, and Paul Brosio. Barbara d'urso has tackled a theme that is very particular,...


The island of the Famous 2019: Paolo Brosio deleted 2 times, out also against Bettarini

Continues with a lot of effort, the adventure of the castaway de The Island of the Famous 2019: the competitors are now fighting over a few pieces of coconut, the evidence leader is won always by the same person by more than one month (i.e. from Soleil Sorgè, always immune), and the dynamics of the race...

The Island of the famous 2019, the cast, the official announced on the social reality of Channel 5

And the time has come to officially announce the cast of the famous Island in 2019. And the names, the real ones, coming from the social reality of Channel 5. In these last few weeks have been really so many names came to the fore, but in the end not all will leave for Honduras. Who will take the role...