Paolo bonolis

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Paolo Bonolis is the highest paid Italian television: here's how much money a year

The conductor roman is one of the artists television the highest paid in the world Without a shadow of a doubt, Paolo Bonolis can be considered as one of the conductors most loved and appreciated in the panorama of Italian television. In the small screen now appears for many years, from when leading...


Cristiano Malgioglio is head over heels for a married guy: his wife mena

The third victim of the new episode of Joking apart is the singer-songwriter catania, Malgioglio Among the victims of the second episode of Joking apart was broadcast yesterday evening on Channel 5, there was also Cristiano Malgioglio, the popular singer, songwriter and tv personality in sicily. The...

Sonia Bruganelli shows the study of The great trallala with Antonella Clerici, Cooper, Crude oil, and Scotti (Photo)

You may have already heard of the program Mediaset, The large trallala and Sonia Bruganelli, the wife of Paul Bonolis, to give us some more information from his social profile (pictures). With some video and some shots of the Bruganelli confirmation that the protagonists of The great trallala will be...