Paola Di Benedetto

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Paola Di Benedetto to Reveal the whole truth about Francesco Monte and his new story with Federico Rossi

Paola Di Benedetto confessed to Reveal, on Real Time, with Lorella Boccia. Here's what, " said the former mother nature. I reveal, Paola Di Benedetto tells the story because it ended with Francesco Monte, Inevitably, Lorella Boccia to Reveal he questioned Paola Di Benedetto on his relationship with Francesco...


Paola Di Benedetto and Cecilia Rodriguez are become friends? That's what happened

In the last hour of Paola Di Benedetto explained on the social networks that the event attended by her and Cecilia Rodriguez has played in the best of ways. In the last hour on the web is circulated a news that has surprised many users. In particular, a few days ago two ex-girlfriends of Francesco Monte...

The island of the Famous, Francesco Monte and statements on Paola: “Cecilia was the most important history. Paola I hope to become”

Would like a story of love important with Paola Di Benedetto, the former tronista of Men and Women. Exactly like that with his ex Cecilia, who, as we know, preferred to him, Ignazio Moser Francesco Monte is definitely one of the most talked-about of the time. He refuses to give interviews, but the U&D...