Palliative care

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Luino, a new outpatient clinic for palliative Care: “we will Give dignity to life”

A new clinic dedicated to palliative Care has been opened at the Hospital in Luino has been presented today within the hospital luino area. As recounted in the past few days, this is an additional element of growth for the structure of palliative Care and pain Therapy” of the ASST of the Seven lakes,...

Luino, a conference to present the new clinic of palliative care

With today's morning the Hospital of Luino has opened a new outpatient palliative care, made possible thanks to a donation of the association “On the Wings”, wanted to launch a presidium, in experimental form, on the territory of the Verbano. We gave the news a few days ago, a result of the resolution...


From a noble donation of the Hospital of Luino will have an outpatient palliative care

Thanks to a large donation of “On the Wings”, an association that supports the hospice of Varese, hospital of Luino can have a short a clinic for palliative care. The news comes from a resolution signed by the director of the Asst Seven Lakes, Callisto Bravi, who has identified the structure via Forlanini...