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Sport to do as a couple to improve the relationship

There are sports which, if practised in pairs, they can improve the relationship. After many years of relationship, it is possible that the tune is lacking. Do sport, in addition that do well to the body and mind, can be healthy for life. With physical activity we can free from the daily stress. But...

‘I and Gigi D'alessio do s*sso with...’ Anna Tatangelo without shame to The Hyenas

Anna Tatangelo was the star of the classic double-interview de Le Iene. It is in this occasion that the singer has let go of the revelations of spicy In the episode that aired yesterday de ‘reservoir dogs’, Anna Tatangelo in ‘the interview’ has released some statements to spicy about his relationship...


Stefano Sala in crisis at the GF Vip: doubts about the girlfriend Dasha

Stefano Sala is a crisis in the house of Big Brother Vip for the failure to call his girlfriend Dasha, the model is full of doubts. Big Brother Vip, Stefano Sala worried about Dasha In the last installment, live from the Big Brother Vip, he had the opportunity to see any statement released by his girlfriend...