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In 2015, decreased the life expectancy of the italians, before he dies in the South

In Italy, to 2015, the life expectancy at birth is lower by 0.2 years for men and 0.4 years in women compared to 2014, amounting, respectively, to 80,1 years to 84.6 years. The decrease of the life expectancy of italians is recorded by the Relationship Osservasalute 2016, which was presented today. In...


Easter egg, the temptation to “dispose of”: running, swimming, or bike, as you compensate for the calories?

Instructions for use to those who are thinking of giving in to the temptation colorful Easter egg: give free rein to their desire of sweet finendone a whole one in a single shot – a “mission impossible”, it is true – is a very bad idea. Would be to play immediately almost all the bonus of your daily...

Obese woman shows the reaction of strangers to the street when they see it

A woman in an evident overweight, is photographed in public to capture the looks and the glances sometimes cruel people, The article obese Woman shows the reaction of strangers to the street when they see appears to be the first on KEBLOG.