Ordinary shareholders ' meeting

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On Thursday, the ordinary general meeting of the members of the CAI Luino

The board of directors of the CAI Luino has resolved to convene the ordinary general meeting of shareholders for Thursday, march 22, at 21 hours at the registered office at via Bernardino Luini. And this is a moment very important institutional, where the members are called to vote on the approval of...


The CAI Luino meets in the meeting. The invitation to the members of president Adriano Easels

An assembly is a very important one organized by the CAI Luino for the next 30 march, where we will address a number of issues, including the final balance and the budget. An opportunity to get together and discuss, with the goal of continuing to improve. The president and Easels: “Great effort by all”....

Porto Valtravaglia, tomorrow the Pro Loco meets in assembly

It was convened for tomorrow, Friday, February 3, at 20, at the salon of Columbus of Porto Valtravaglia, the ordinary shareholders ' meeting of the Pro Loco. Several points to the order of the day. Porto Valtravaglia, tomorrow the Pro Loco meets in the meeting. Members of the Pro Loco of Porto Valtravaglia...