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After the flop de the Last of The Jedi, Only: A Star Wars Story changes name to China

After Awakening in The Force, and the Last of The Jedi, that something is not working in China for the brand of Star Wars is now clear to all. While in the rest of the world, the final film in the saga directed by Rian Johnson and it was a success that is undeniable at the box office, in the people's...

Only: A Star Wars Story – In January comes the first trailer?

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the halls for the past 15 days (by the way, the film is close to 800 million dollars), the fans are already traguardando the next chapter of the saga that will see the debut in may 2018, Only: a Star Wars Story, the second spin-off of Star Wars focusing on the figure...


Marco Bocci not Only performs the miracle: Marco Giallini new myth

Nothing to do for Taodue, nothing to do for Mediaset, which let's face it, had focused a lot on the series “Only“. Despite the proclamations of the past few days, with articles published in the home ( see Tgcom24) that osannavano the series as the leader of the audience the first night ( you're the leader...