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Balance smart in offer Amazon 24€!

On the occasion of the First Day, on Amazon is put on offer a popular scale smart impedance. Let's talk about the Teknic 24€. The balance smart (impedance) of iTeknic has now become one of the most popular items on Amazon, not only for the integration with the smartphone and apps for the health but for...


Amazon Echo in the offer for only 59,99€!

Waiting for the First Day, comes a new and indispensable offered on Amazon: the speaker smart Echo is now available for just $ 59.99 u.s., with a discount of 40% on the usual price. This is certainly one of the most sold products of the line Echo and integrates a speaker omni-directional 360°, a set...

Huawei P30 in the offer to 574€ on eBay

Available an offer on Huawei P30 on eBay. The smartphone, which is shipped free of charge in Italy, is available at around 574€. This Android smartphone a high-profile, in the Global version, is available on offer at 653,99 dollars on eBay, which at the exchange rate correspond to approximately 574€....