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Nests, by Region new initiatives to better protect children. “Never more, as in Gavirate”

“Initiatives in favour of children attending day nurseries and micro-nests”. So it's called the draft law, which will be presented on Thursday in the Junta, early this morning in a press conference by the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, and by the department of family Policy, parenting...

Lombardia: halved, healthcare fees, more nurseries for free, and prevention for safety at work

Reduction of medical fees, increase in the number of families that will benefit from the nests free of charge, a notice in the government in which it was decided to anticipate the meeting of the Committee following the issues related to security on the job, behind the tragedy of Treviglio, and reiterated...


School, ok of the Council of Ministers decrees to implement the reform. The news

New mode for the maturity (2019) and in order to become teachers. The council of ministers has approved the eight implementing decrees of the law 107 (Good school). Measures to reshape the vocational education, provide new resources for the right to study and introduce new models for the education of...