Nicola Panic

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Sara Affi Fella: Nicola Panic reveals other details about your ex-girlfriend

New details emerged about the history of Sara Affi Fella and his deception to the preparation of Men and Women. Her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Panic, he spoke through the weekly Chi. Men and Women, Sara Affi Fella still at the centre of the controversy Sara Affi Fella is still talking about him despite...


Sara Affi Fella, the new statements: ‘Now I can't talk about yet but will soon’

Sara Affi Fella seems to be preparing his return, behold his last statements after the scandal broke out on Men and Women. Sara Affi Fella can't talk because it is addressed to a legal office To bring the latest declarations of Sara Affi Fella is a Joy, a girl who takes care of the News website the...

Men and Women: Sara Affi Fella mollata also by her boyfriend Vittorio Parigini

With Instagram, the story that confirms how much he would have him intel Nicola Panic for the Preparation of Men and Women, about the farce organized by Sara Affi Fella for purposes purely economic, that is, to pretend to be single to cover the role of tronista when, in reality, was attending his fiance...