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[NFL] Week 5: Huddle Magazine Power Rankings

With guilty delay we are to Sunday, Week 5 is behind us and it's the time of the financial statements, of the surprises and confirmations in the sport, and the most frenetic in the world.In this weekly appointment is dedicated to Power Rankings weblog Huddle Magazine we will take stock of the situation...


[NFL] The first pages of the newspapers of the week 5

Returns after a one week break, the column dedicated to the first pages of the newspapers of cities that have an NFL team, dedicated to week 5.Thirty first pages for this fifth week of the NFL with newspapers that give a lot of space on the front page to the football team in the local as, for example,...

[NFL] The best statistical week 5

Returns, in reduced version, the book which highlights in pictures those that have been the best performance of the players statistics week 5 in the NFL.This week there are only 6 good performance (and not...) statistics week 5 taken into account, in addition to however many honorable mentions.

The whole of week 5 in a single article

The whole of week 5 in a single article

Remain unbeaten in the league with two teams, in addition to the rock this Week 5: the Chiefs dominate the AFC, with only the Bengals with four wins, while the Rams are masters of the NFC, with the Saints, Bears, and Panthers. The Cardinals are the first victory and no one is more firm to zero. The Bears...

[NFL] Week 5: Weekend of rest for the Chicago Bears

In the week when our team is resting, we had to reconfirm our division is complex and highly competitive. The most difficult of the alloy according to the writer.But despite the Sunday off we keep the reigns of the NFC North!The defeat of the Packers in Detroit reaffirms what I wrote last week regarding...

[NFL] career Statistics in pictures of Week 5

StatMuse is an app (now iOS only), which provides data and statistics in a way that was “special”. You can ask questions on the numbers of players in the NFL (or NBA, and MLB), and the app will respond to your question, playing the numbers relating to the player concerned, who on Sunday via Twitter publishes...