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Colchicine or Saffron: the differences between the two herbs

A news story leads us to talk about an herb that is poisonous, which is often mistaken for saffron. It is called colchicine, but it is often also referred to as the “saffron bastard”. It is a flower identical to that of saffron, which, however, can lead to death in just a few hours. This plant is a herbaceous...


The heat makes you irritable: how to fix this

The heat has a negative impact on daily life, and apparently has the power to make us more irritable and even more willing to fight. It is important to take measures to live better in spite of the high temperatures, and there are a few methods to do it. To science to tell us that the heat can lead to...

Plastic bottles, we can reuse them or is it truly dangerous?

Reuse plastic bottles, in particular, we talk about those that contain the water, and fill a second time, it seems not to be possible. We do a bit of all, especially in the summer and if we have children who continually drink and they need water. According to some information, it would seem very dangerous...