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Masks of the community which are: you can wash?

In the past two months we have learned about all types of masks imaginable. We would never have thought of having to understand how to use, how you wear, as they protect us. In these last weeks, on the few occasions where we are out of the home, we started to wear them and in the next few months will...


Clio Make-Up in quarantine, with three cosmetics the perfect makeup tips to live life

For The life, live Clio Make-Up has recorded a little video, a little bit of beauty tips and this time like putting on make-up with just three cosmetic. Quarantine probably do not have all the products that typically use make-up or maybe we are not even so accustomed to the trick. Clio Zammatteo for...

The Banana is a super food? Word to the experts

The banana is a fruit very important to take in a healthy diet. Can we really consider it a super food? It certainly seems that you, and not only for a reason. The banana, in fact it helps to stay in shape and stay healthy, by regulating the activity of the bowel due to the presence of fibers. In this...