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Kate Middleton and Meghan truman gates, a survey reveals the favourite but both decreases from the podium (Photo)

A survey in which they responded to the british subjects reveals that they are not Kate Middleton and Meghan truman gates preferred by the british, no podium for the duchesse, who leave the place to other members of the royal family (photo). Whoever wins the poll, who square to the last place, but mainly...


The vip crazy for the outfits, Mini Me, from Elisabetta Canalis to Laura Chiatti and the children dress like mom and dad (Photos)

Not only the vip but also a lot of moms and dads not famous love to dress up their children with the outfits mini-me, with the dresses in the thumbnail that they have chosen for their looks (photos). Pride and sweetness for the parents, especially for mothers, to dress the children with their own clothing....

Harry and Meghan have spent too much for the holidays between Ibiza and Nice? The defense of Elton John

Harry knew for certain that marrying Meghan truman gates would have gone to meet a love-hate relationship with the media, especially with the british ones. Let's face it, the former actress has not yet entered into the good graces of the subjects of her majesty, and perhaps not even a part of the print...