News for PlayStation 4

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FIFA 18: the mode "the Journey" show with a new trailer - News - PS4

The adventure of Alex Hunter will also be the case in FIFA 18. After the trailer of the E3, Electronic Arts is back to show the campaign mode of FIFA 18, entitled "The Journey: The Return of the Hunter". In this second season, Alex will be disputed by the club as prestigious as Bayern Munich, Atletico...


Peter Molyneux has made a visit to Sean Murray to give him comfort of the reaction of the players at the launch of No Man's Sky - News - PS4

Molyneux has faced a similar situation for Project Godus. Two and a half years ago, Peter Molyneux has been swept by controversy regarding his Project Godus, the project completely failed after a successful campaign on Kickstarter. At the time, someone went so far as to threaten death, bringing the veteran...

Leaked the list of missions of Destiny 2 - News - PS4

At launch, Destiny 2 will have seventeen missions. Someone managed to get their hands on the official guide for Destiny 2 the first time and is coming out with a lot of information unpublished on the game. Before continuing, we must warn you that in the next lines you can read a big preview of the game,...