News for PlayStation 4

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Dragon Ball FighterZ, the first images of the Fused Zamasu - News - PS4

Fused Zamasu is the new character downloadable Dragon Ball FighterZ. After Broly and Bardock, the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ is preparing to welcome a new character downloadable, Fused Zamasu. Bandai Namco has released the first images of this extraordinary warrior, which you can see at the bottom....


God of War: the user asks loudly, Mode NG+ - News - PS4

On Reddit there seems to be no doubt: there is only New Game+. Part of the Edge that has awarded him the "only" 8/10, the new God of War is welcomed by the whole world so incredibly positive. It is one of the securities with the highest rating ever on the PlayStation 4, the exclusive unmissable, in short,...

Quantic Dream, the studio of Detroit: Become Human, has sued two French newspapers to defend himself from the accusations of work environment toxic - News - PS4

Quantic Dream goes on the counter-attack. Remember the allegations received by Quantic Dream, the studio of Detroit: Become Human? We talk about those being the work environment is toxic, which led to a replication piccata from the leadership of the study. Despite the weeks of silence, the situation...