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Fortnite Upgrade 6.10: all the latest news and content - News - PC

The update 6.10 of Fortnite is now available on consoles and PC: here are all the new features and new content to Save the World and Battle Royal.. The Update 6.10 of Fortnite is finally available on all platforms of the game: it will be sufficient to gain access to your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC,...


Disgaea 5 Complete, here's the release date on Steam - News - PC

After the postponement of a few months ago, Disgaea 5 Complete, finally has a release date on the PC via Steam. Disgaea 5 Complete, finally has a release date on Steam will be available starting from the 22nd of October, at the discounted price of € 29.99 for the first week of sales. When a terrible...

Fortnite: server offline, get the Update 6.10 - News - PC

The server of Fortnite are officially offline for scheduled maintenance: a few hours, will be published in the Update to 6.10 with a hearty dose of news.. The Battle Royale of Epic Games updates usually twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. At the time of writing the server of Fortnite are officially offline...