News for Nintendo 3DS

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Atlus has announced Persona Q2 - News - 3DS

Person Q2 is a title for the Nintendo 3DS. Atlus has announced Persona Q2, a new chapter in the saga for the Nintendo 3DS. What game it is? For now, it is impossible to say, given that they have not been published any information about it. Probably it is in the spin-off mentioned a few days ago, but...

The demo of Monster Hunter XX arrives on the 10th of August - News - 3DS

The demo of Monster Hunter XX will obviously be available only in Japan. Capcom has announced that starting on August 10, the owners of the Nintendo Switch will be able to download and play the demo of the highly anticipated Monster Hunter XX. As a tradition of the series want, the demo will feature...


The launch trailer for Miitopia - News - 3DS

Miitopia is available on the Nintendo 3DS. Announced originally in November last year and confirmed for the west in April, Miitopia is now available in stores and could not miss the traditional launch trailer. The title Nintendo throws us into an exciting fantasy adventure in the company of the Mii,...