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Tolo Tolo, everything that we know, on the new film Checco Zalone

Many were waiting for and, to great surprise, a few hours ago was unveiled the poster of the new film Checco Zalone. Zalone is a true blockbuster. His stories, his sympathy, and self-deprecation have won really, in a little time the Italian public and, now, the well-known actor is ready to return to...


Diletta Leotta beautiful in red on the set of his first movie with Serena Rossi (Photos)

Debut at the cinema for Diletta Leotta, who for the first time on a set, and here also conquer all (photos). Seven hours to make you fall in love, this is the film that sees between the characters in the cast also the Leotta. A set neapolitan, where the characters are Serena Rossi and Giampaolo Morelli,...

The last game of the Pasolini: the documentary

Francesco Anzivino and Giordano Viozzi have decided to tell a new page of the life of Pier Paolo Pasolini. They did this by choosing to make the documentary entitled the last game of The Pasolini. What has been written and said up to today about Pier Paolo Pasolini? A lot, perhaps too much. Then why...