News and Updates on Clash Royale

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Outlaw at the time of release, and the hypothesis of the Paper-Hunter-Arena 9

The Outlaw will be released starting from march 24, 2017, a date that coincides with the beginning of the new event Clan Battles. Supercell has posted on the fan page of Clash Royale, a picture with the famous manifesto of the thieves sought, but is a hypothesis about the arrival of a new Hunter, we...

Baule Magic free and Offer Arena Legendary available on the Clash Royale

This morning has been released and made public the new update of March Clash Royale: the novelties we have discussed in the article summary that you will find on the link, however there are other delicious novelty. New offers are already available for many players and it will be for others beginning...

3 New Leagues in the Clash Royale, and the New Arena Mount wild Boar + VIDEO

As has been announced in the Sneak Peek #3, there will be a new Arena available on the Clash Royale: the Arena Mount wild Boar (or Mountain Tamer), which will be split into leagues and from 3800 trophies will be available at the Arena Legendary that will take on a completely new graphics. We have collected...