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Minor changes and How the new mode 2v2 to Play with a friend

The new update of Clash Royale has been for many players judged to be too poor in the news and hurried in the time, however, the added features are of undoubted utility and the new mode 2v2 random introduces a new game system that offers a very large in terms of longevity and playability. Let's discover...


Opegit Studio Leaks: Private Server show new Cards and new features of the new update

There is no peace for Supercell when there is the Russian team Opegit Study: were released new screenshots directly received from the Server private, also used by Youtubers to test the new features in preview. Among the novelties, a new screen call and a new active button next to the multiplayer battle,...

The new Balance Cards 12/6: Witch of the Night, the Tornado, the Trunk, the Gang of Goblins is among the most renowned

As usual, Supercell will balance the cards that have taken on a power that is too high or upgrade the ones less used. Among the papers cited in this balance there are certainly famous and that they did discuss, and not a little.

The new Strategic Challenge double Elixir, the first prize to 64,000 gold coins

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