News and Updates on Clash of Clans

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New Leaks and Gem Boost: more News about the new update Clash of Clans August 2017

If up until April, the players of Clash of Clans complained about the lack of field presence of the developers and very few update total, in fact, that we can not be satisfied with seeing that it is at the gates of the third update in the space of 4 months: Opegit Studio has revealed new screens that...


Leaks from Opegit Studio: New troop the Aries from the battle, a new enchantment, and more

On the social profile of Opegit the Study and to follow on Reddit, have been widespread screens that would show a new troop coming to Clash of Clans (as well as other news and coming directly from the Clash Royale: the Aries from the battle! The update, based on some of the details that are revealed,...

Update today on Clash of Clans after the maintenance: Clock Tower, New levels and Balancing statistics

After the maintenance Clash of Clans, that is happening in these minutes, will be available the update download Clash of Clans from Google Play and the App Store: new features, new levels for troops and buildings, also we say goodbye to the clock Tower as we remembered, disempowered in terms of speed.

Update Clash of Clans: the Tower of hell level 5 Miner, level 5, Sorcerer level 8, PEKKA level 6, Cannon level 15, Tower archer level 15 more

A little while ago David[Supercell] has posted on the forum with the new update coming to Clash of Clans: will include new levels to troops and buildings in addition that changes on the statistics of the game. Certainly stands the Tower of hell which comes at level 5 and the possibility of watching a...

Leak Private Server Clash of Clans: BH8, Mega Tesla, Cannon, Giant, War Machine, level 30, Super PEKKA and Balloons in the Cemetery

The update with the Base of the manufacturer, as it has not enthused many players, has brought inside of the game, new scenarios and new mechanisms that will Clash of Clans have a new life to the long-term. At the moment we can unlock only a few levels of the reading Room of the Manufacturer and, consequently,...