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Liam Payne and Cairo Dwek are a couple

Photo: @ Instagram/ Cairo Dwek and Liam PayneIt's official: Liam Payne and Cairo Dwek are a couple and last weekend they enjoyed a romantic holiday on lake Como.After weeks of rumor, last Saturday, the singer and the model have been paparazzati before as they walked together hand in hand in the garden...


Lea Michele has a new boyfriend

Photo: @ Instagram/ Lea MicheleSummer d’ love to Lea Michele who has taken advantage of this hot July to formalize the new relationship.The actress was snapped in New York city while walking hand in hand with his dear friend Zandy Reich, of course, has become something more than a simple companion in...

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are a couple?

Photo via the webThe attraction for the british men is not to be diminished for Taylor Swift and, after Harry Styles and Tom Hiddleston, another subject of Queen Elizabeth would have made a hole in his heart.It is of the actor 26-year-old Joe Alwyn: a love that is kept away from the spotlight for some...