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Only: A Star Wars Story, open the preorders of the Home Video Blu-ray

Amazon has opened pre-orders Only: A Star Wars Story in a version Blu-ray and DVD with the possibility of booking at a minimum guaranteed price. Were opened preorders of the home video versions Only: a Star Wars Story that will arrive in stores on the 31st of December 2018 edition home video of the film...


Chair Gaming Slypnos: ergonomics and comfort from the real pro-gamer

The E3 2018 will end tomorrow but it is already easy to say as the event california has a strong impact on those who will be the “needs” gaming in the coming months, with a series of titles highlights await all gamers who are spoilt for choice as soon as titles such as Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, The...

Love Live!: here are the bags-a backpack and a clutch, inspired by the uniforms of the protagonists of the manga

Let's face it, who is it that does not come out of the house with something that invokes our passions more visceral, perhaps an object related to their anime or video game favourite like a keychain, a lighter, or a t-shirt? Arriving bags and wallets inspired by the uniforms of the protagonists of the...