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God of War Bonus Edition is offered on Amazon at less than 50 euros

Kratos is back, and in a world populated by monsters, dragons and gods, spartan warrior, he will be forced to hold back the ax of war to defend all that is most precious to you, thanks to about 30 hours of game play to live immersed in the untouched realms of folklore and nordic skiing. God of War Bonus...


Steelbook Universal: here's how to have 5 Blu-Ray movies by paying a maximum of 30 euro

The summer will be a thing of the past and soon we will have to somehow deal with the cold winter months that force us (even with the undeniable peak of pleasure, let's be honest) to spend much more time in the house maybe to play, taking advantage of any offer to buy some games on offer or being comfortable...

Lorenzo The Magnificent, the Gaia Project, and Dungeon Fighter: the table games Cranio Creations on offer on Amazon

I don't know how is the weather by you, but here is one of those days when the air, afosamente transmuted into a sort of invisible and hot jam, you sticking manco had been “smerdato” as Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. Amazon discounts a trio of table games Cranio Creations that includes Lorenzo [...]The...