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Google Maps and Waze add the integration of Siri for navigation with iOS 13, and CarPlay

In the wake of the release of iOS 13 to the public, Google Maps and Waze for iOS have both been updated with the integration of Siri. This means that you can now ask Siri to get directions to reach a certain place using Google Maps or Waze on the iPhone and CarPlay. Apple has [...]Link to the original...


On Google Maps, get the info about charging stations for electric vehicles

On Google Maps you now have the information about charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) around the world. The database will be updated constantly. To make the search of the stations for the EV recharge in the vicinity just write key words such as “charging EV” and you'll immediately be shown the...

5.3 million for navigation, infrastructure, and services. Interventions also on Maggiore and Ceresio

The Lombardy region has allocated € 5.3 million to enhance the lakes of lombardy, strengthening the infrastructure, the ports and the navigation and tourist line: the resolution was approved today by the regional Council on the proposal of the councillor for Infrastructure, Transport and sustainable...