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Uncharted: online the fan movie with Nathan orthodontic cassette

Are a few days that Nathan orthodontic cassette had whetted the fans of Uncharted, with post cryptic on their profile Instagram. Many had even speculated that he was in the running for the role of Nathan Drake, in a hypothetical live-action title of Naughty Dog. Sic Parvis Magna. 7/16/18 A post shared...


[E3 2018] Here's the first gameplay of The Last of Us Part II

Could not begin in a better way the showcase for Sony at E3 2018. Naughty Dog steals immediately the scene with his highly anticipated The Last of Us: Part II. It has been shown, ...The article [E3 2018] Here's the first gameplay of The Last of Us Part II has just been released on Uagna: news, reviews,...

Naughty Dog is at the centre of controversy sexist

Here we go again, once again, just a few days from the previous charge. After that David Ballard had claimed to have been sexually harassed in the offices of Naughty Dog, the accusation immediately rejected to the sender from the company, here comes a new statement that casts shadows on the software...