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To The Hyenas, the family of Ugo Russian: the agony of loss and the beliefs that do not change

Fifteen years, nothing school, at two in the night around the streets of Naples to carry out a robbery, maybe the second, also had another watch in your pocket, say the forces of law and order. Ugo was killed by a policeman in plain clothes, who now will have to respond to the excess of legitimate defense...


Naples, surprising the wife with the lover, and them stabs

In Naples, specifically in the Plains, a man surprises his wife with the lover and them stabs them both. It happened last night, a little before 2 o'clock, in a house that is located in via Vicinale Pigniatiello. As in the worst films, the man would be back in the house, finding his wife with her lover,...

Tuberculosis at Naples: died dr. 60enne

Tuberculosis in Naples: a doctor of 60 years, who worked in the emergency room of the hospital of Naples, passed away Friday, October 19, due to this infectious disease. Ill a year, the doctor has died at the hospital Cotugno, specialist for infectious diseases. He worked at the San Paolo hospital in...