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Nancy Coppola and Nadia Rinaldi in Italian Stories, two different measures but as are slimming? (Photo)

It's been 20 days since the surgery of gastric banding of Nancy Coppola who guest today in the Italian Stories with Nadia Rinaldi is confident as it is lost (photos). As the path continues Nadia Rinaldi and Nancy Coppola to lose weight or keep the weight off? Two different operations for the singer neomelodica...


Nadia Rinaldi to Come to me we are touched, never been loved but he reveals a secret (Photo)

Nadia Rinaldi guest Come to me today, she was moved more than once, answering questions of Caterina Balivo (photo). Was not lucky in love, even if he has two wonderful sons that she adores and that adore it, but the daddy of her boys and loved it, really? This is the question of Caterina Balivo at the...

The island of the famous ' 2018 news: Nadia Rinaldi feels the give of the fat and sends everyone to that country

Island of the famous 2018, the trash is served but not eaten. Understand why to conduct a reality show to a host that does not feel the extreme need of the ladder, and that it is devoted to a single deity, trash television? Let's imagine of it, why a host will be dedicated to this religion would of never...