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Iran, Khamenei attacks Trump: “he Has shown the true face of the Usa”

“Thank you” Donald Trump “because it has helped us show the true face of the United States”: he said the supreme guide of Iran, ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, adding: “we talked about corruption, political, economic, moral and social development in the dominant system of the Usa for more than 30 years,...


The CEO of Apple Tim Cook against the executive order on immigration: “it is Not a policy that we support”

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has sent an email to his employees expressing his disappointment vis-à-vis the executive on immigration, signed a few hours ago from the new president of the United States of America Donald Trump. In the letter, Cook has specified: “it is not a policy that we support”.Cook explained...

Je suis musulman

The photo on the left was published by Khilafah News, one of the sites that Isis uses for communication. We have said that this is one of the assassins of the massacre of Paris, a portrait wearing the explosive belt, and that shows the Quran. To the right is the real photo of this Veerender Jubbal, a...