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Deck, Giant, Witch, Valkyrie, Musketeer, for Arena 1, Arena 2

In this deck, the Giant acts as a very important card ace: it will be the tank and the engine of your deck, it will be the key that will allow you to win quickly to the challenge. Positioning it as ‘the wall’, and employing behind him some of the cards that we are going to illustrate, you ensure that...


Deck, Barrel, Goblin, Horde Minions, Musketeer, for Arena 2, Arena 3, Arena 4

What is the best strategy to scale of the Arena quickly? Does not exist. Simply because it is important to remain as much as possible in the arenas low and gain experience, especially at the beginning, when many of the maps there are completely new or unbeatable. This Deck Barrel Goblin, Horde Minions,...

2 Deck most used with Golems, Barbarians Chosen for Arena 11 and Alloys: March, April 2017

When a deck has great potential takes over and spreads at a great speed especially when it comes to alloys, or arenas where winning is not important but essential: in this article, we describe two prototypes of decks among the most used scale in Leagues and Arenas, high, Deck Golem + Barbarians Chosen.

The advanced guide Clan Battles: tips, Tricks, Strategies, Tactics, and Types of deck

Clan Battles open up a whole new world dedicated to the collaboration and the support in timing of an ally on the field of play 2 against 2. You're reading a guide is highly competitive and advanced, which probably will help you to make yourself even more expert in this side of the Clash Royale.