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With 16 Museums to theme the food to visit in the world

That there are foods of the reputation of undisputed well-known, are represented in various contexts, from cinema to art, from photography to the world of books, is done equally well known.We take as an example the chocolate, it's no wonder so much that there is a museum that celebrates this food is...


Tar cancel the appointments of five of the twenty directors of the supermusei. Franceschini: “I have No words”

(ANSA) “The world has seen change in 2 years, Italian museum, and now the regional administrative tribunal of Lazio cancels the appointments of 5 directors. I have no words, and it is better...”. As the minister of cultural Heritage and Tourism, Dario Franceschini commented on Twitter the judgment of...

Opens in London, the Museum of Happiness

A true concentrate of smiles, ready to enlighten a new light on the sky rainy London shots of music, art, and soul-searching. At Spitalfields Traders Market, from January 16 to 18, will be on stage in a pop-up Museum of Happiness, a project entirely dedicated to the happiness in its every facet. The...