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Asmodee announces the arrival of the Muse, the table game in which we will become a muse

With a post published on his official page of Facebook, Asmodee Italy, announced the Italian localization of the Muses, the board game by Jordan Sorenson in which we will transform ourselves into a muse in order to win our team. Asmodee will bring in Italy, the Muse, the party game of Jordan Sorenson...


20 things you should know about Muse to be a real fan

The Muse these days are in Milan for the residency that brought them in the city for six concerts. In many, rightly or wrongly, profess to have a deep knowledge of the band and to plot titles and dates with the greatest of ease. But are you sure to know just everything about Matt Bellamy and members?...

The story of the Muse told album to album

Are today one of the top bands of the world music scene. And the Muse are, for the past several years, but it served a very long time to get where they are. Seven studio albums, concerts in stadiums and unconditional love from fans is the result of decades of work and commitment. Because if it is true...