Murky water

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Turbid water in the houses Mesenzana, via the controls

After reports of some of the inhabitants of Mesenzana, which complained about the supply of muddy water from their taps, they are taken in a rapid way the controls of the municipality, giving priority to the bacteriological analysis of the water which was drinkable in spite of the color was not properly...


Biviglione: common technical Aspem and citizens together to solve the critical issues

A meeting, reassuring, calm, and constructive, aiming to resolve all the problems related to the water supply of the small village of Biviglione, the one that was held yesterday in the town Hall at Luino between the mayor Andrea Pellicini, the leaders of the Aspem (the company that manages the network,...

“Biviglione abandoned, we are not citizens of the Series B. we Also pay taxes”

“The care and interest to the country should not only be evident in view of the elections“, are reminiscent of the inhabitants of Biviglione, met today afternoon, as soon as we arrived in the square, to report, once again, the absence of services, which assumes a significant weight in the daily life...