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‘Fabrizio Corona has lied about everything’, the statements of the mother of Silvia Furnish

Between Fabrizio Corona and Silvia for giving is not over yet. Mom makes her new shocking allegations against the king of the paparazzi. Here's what he said. Fabrizio Corona: the statements True Fabrizio Corona had released a long interview to "True" by Silvia University, in which he had stated that...


Cecilia Rodriguez, and Ignazio Moser talk about the path Francesco Monte-Big Brother Vip

In the episode of the Morning Five, fresh back from a trip to Africa, Ignazio Moser, and Cecilia Rodriguez were the guests of Federica Panicucci. Their love, born almost a year ago in the house of Big Brother Vip, goes to swollen sails and the two continue to make plans for the future though still, the...

Morning 5 back with Federica Panicucci and Francis the Old ones that pretend nothing is happening and launch a new edition

“The Formula that wins is not changed,” said Federica Panicucci host of Tg5 in the course of the connection this morning, before to begin with in the first episode of the Morning Five. He's not saying “the team that wins does not change a thing that is certainly not gone unnoticed after all that has...