Monte San Giorgio

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“Paleontologists for a day”, the students of the territory to the discovery of the Monte San Giorgio

To promote quality initiatives in the framework of the tourism school, and to facilitate the knowledge of students with respect to the characteristics of one of the natural sites the most important of the entire territory of the Community Montana of the Piambello renews its role as an interlocutor between...

Germignaga, tomorrow is the excursion to the Monte San Giorgio with the group “the Lunatics CAI”

Continue with an intense schedule of the excursions of the group, His CAI Germignaga. For tomorrow, Sunday, September 23, is scheduled to be a trip to Meride (CH), the direction of Monte San Giorgio. The Monte San Giorgio, a unesco world heritage site, is one of the most important deposits of marine...


Besano, the Monte San Giorgio in the top of the list of world heritage sites, regional

The enhancement project area Site “Monte San Giorgio – Orsa – Pravello“, commissioned by the municipality of Besano, and presented by the Montana Community of the Piambello, has recently obtained the consent of the regional competition dedicated to the Unesco sites in lombardy, unlocking a contribution...