Monte Crocetta

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Tomorrow is the excursion to the Pizzoni di Laveno (italy) and monte Crocetta with the CAI Luino

(Photo © Lago Maggiore and the surrounding area) Tomorrow, Sunday, November 25, the CAI Luino offers a hike to ring in Valcuvia with meta the Pizzoni di Laveno (1035m) and monte Crocetta. The route starts from the village Kasern 739m near Vararo and along a wooded ridge to reach in succession the three...

Cittiglio, to the Sunday Trek and Naturopathy” to meet the spirit of the trees

Sunday, September 30, Upwind Trekking in collaboration with Chlorophyll, organizes Cittiglio experience in nature “Trek and Naturopathy” to discover and learn about the larch, the fir, the beech and juniper, and their properties. The path of 5.5 km with a height difference of 300 m, will begin in the...


The core, the dreams, and their language, the protagonists of the excursion to Monte Crocetta

A new trip was born from the collaboration between “Upwind Trek” and “Chlorophyll of Naturopathy“, the one that will have as destination the Monte Crocetta, in the Varese area, a place that offers as a cot for an unforgettable experience in nature. In the course of the excursion, scheduled for Friday...