Missing persons

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Missing two kids are minors, the research just a few kilometres from the border

They disappeared yesterday evening, Saturday, June 30, at around 20.15 Paradise, a town of the Canton of Ticino, two little boys. This is Vladislav Vitalievich Lupandin, fourteen-year-old, a citizen of the italo-Russian, a resident of Paradise. The features of the boy, issued by the Cantonal Police,...

In 2016 43mila the missing persons in Italy, well 28mila are foreign children

As at 31 December are 43.665 missing persons and which does not have news. A huge number which includes very different: people who have drifted away and want to remain unreachable, or affected by diseases; but the most part, about 28mila, are unaccompanied foreign minors, who have arrived on our shores...