Missing person

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A missing person in Lavena Ponte Tresa, via the research between the lake and the woods

A person is disappearing from the late afternoon of today, Wednesday, October 24, in Lavena Ponte Tresa. The rescuers are on the spot and have started the machine for the research of the person, for which are not known to the generality. On-site are operating not only the fire brigade of the provincial...

Gone for days, looking for a 74enne who was on holiday in Ticino

A lady of 74 years old (born in June 1944), domiciled in Glattfelden, a small town in the swiss Canton of Zurich, located in the district of Bülach, is the disappearance in the Canton of Ticino. The woman, Staehli Johanna, has disappeared from Lugano, where he was in vacation, on Wednesday, the 3rd of...


Had disappeared from the may 30, found dead a 49-year-old

Carolina Schmid Gorke had disappeared from their house in Mergoscia (which is a few kilometers from the border of Zenna, ed) Wednesday, may 30. We gave the news a few days ago. The lady, born on 6 September 1968, in fact, was nowhere to be found since then and, after the complaint to the Cantonal Police,...