Milly Carlucci

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Milly Carlucci, when it starts and how it will be Dancing with the Stars

The coronavirus, the quarantine, they blocked everything, even the Dancing with the Stars, but Milly Carlucci seems willing to start as soon as possible with the show, with her dancers. Want to bring a smile and a bit of lightness in the homes of italians, now that all have understood the extent of the...


Carlotta Mantovan and Milly Carlucci beautiful together, but what is behind their meeting? (Photo)

The magazine Diva and Women publish the photos of Carlotta Mantovan and Milly Carlucci together while they walk and chat then stop in a nice place for a coffee and there is still chatter and smiles (photo). What's cooking you ask many why, if we have seen the most times, the wife of Fabrizio Frizzi in...

Milly Carlucci has warned Maria De Filippi? She denies it on the social networks, Mediaset confirmation

Going to start a new war between Maria de Filippi and Milly Carlucci? If until a few months ago, treated to a battle to the sound of the share, the curves of listening and percentage points, in this case things would be very different. According to as reported by Dagospia, in fact, Milly Carlucci would...