Milan Fashion Week

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Katie Holmes in red for Fendi

Photo: @ Instagram/ Fendi Also, if after the divorce from Tom Cruise, her looks were made in a much less fashionable and sophisticated, Katie Holmes continues to be strongly linked to the world of fashion. After having conquered all on the occasion of New York Fashion Week, the star of “Dawson's Creek”...

Stella Maxwell arrives in Italy

Photo: @ Instagram/ Stella Maxwell The Milan Fashion Week called the fashion people respond, so the angel of Victoria's Secret's Stella Maxwell has just arrived in the city of milan. The model has shared on social a photo that shows her on her flight to Italy, with the look of a comfortable trip that...

“Milan Fashion Week”, the classical culture as a tool to analyze the contemporary

On which shelf of the immense library of universal classical culture, it is appropriate to bring your index to extrapolate through the reading individual pills of reflection on the concept of beauty, creating parallels between the origins, in the pages written by great thinkers and philosophers, and...