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Too many people around for Milan, prof Cocks: “it's a bomb”, the risk is to close everything again

The photos that arrived yesterday from Milan, were indignant, useless to hide behind a finger. There are countries, from the north to the south of Italy, where there have been no contagions. There are small towns and villages where the outbreaks by weeks, are equal to zero. There are even regions where...


Temporary hospital at the former Milan trade fair: come for the donations of private individuals, by Berlusconi, of 10 million euro

The Lombardia region needs a new hospital. Needs new structures to respond to the emergency. The numbers speak for themselves: only in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia there are more cases in at least 6 other regions of Italy ( by adding even large regions such as Sicily, Lazio and Campania). Immediately...

Fire Cernusco sul Naviglio: two dead, more than 20 people involved

News Flash - they Come in these minutes, the latest news from the province of Milan, where this morning, a bad fire, caused the death of two people. Several people who have been rescued from the fire that occurred a few minutes after the first reports to try to tame the flames.Let's see the facts.Two...