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Many AirPods lost in the subway, to San Francisco have a tool to retrieve them

Lose one or both of the earphones AirPods while you go to work in the subway is certainly not pleasant, but apparently it is a frequent phenomenon especially in that of San Francisco. The BART, however, has initiated a system to retrieve the AirPods between the tracks. The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)...


Area 120, a Google team releases an app in the style of Waze for the New York subway

Pigeon - NYC Subway AppArea 120 Inc.FreeYou live in New York or are you planning a trip to the city in the united states? Then maybe this is the right application for you. The team of developers Area 120, which is a start-up to Google, has decided to make it easier to get around with the subway with...

A new Metro in 2017

The official site of the novel Metro 2035, today announced that in the course of the next year will come a new video game series.Apparently the game might be a direct sequel to a novel, perhaps of the same Metro 2035, given that on the website we find the following statement:Will bring something more....