Men and Women

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Men and Women: Luke against Teresa? The post enigmatic on social

Luke Daffrè has written a post on Instagram that has all the impression of being a criticism of Teresa Langella, here's what happened between them in the last recordings of the program. Men and Women, the back and forth between Teresa Langella e Luca Daffrè Luke Daffrè has had, from the beginning of...


Giorgio Manetti, does not hide more: here's who is his new girlfriend, a look-alike of Gemma Galgani (Photos)

The seagull florentine comes out with his new flame, since last September, Giorgio Manetti is no longer a part of the Throne over Men and Women. A news that has baffled the public, and in particular Gemma Galgani, who had done everything possible to recapture the gull. The fact remains that the former...

Advances Men and Women, today's episode 17th December: Gemma and Rocco limonano in the car, but do not consume

The first weekly event of the Throne over to U&D After the long break due to the week-end starts a new week of programming of Men and Women in the dating show on Channel 5. We remind all the viewers that this will be the last week of programming in view of the christmas holidays. According to the spoilers...