Men and Women

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Men and Women, Teresa Cilia and Salvatore Di Carlo come together: this is the gesture of the former tronista

The couple born in the U&D has re-joined The said, ‘Christmas makes us all more good’ worked for the couple composed by Teresa Cilia and Salvatore di Carlo. Between the two former protagonists of Men and Women is back in the clear. The two sicilians who have known and fallen in love within the [...]The...


Men and Women, serious allegations against Gemma Galgani: ‘he Wants the donnaioli’

The program Men and Women went officially on vacation. The recordings and the episodes were, in fact, suspended for the entire christmas period and will return on Monday, January 7 with the usual appointment with the throne over. The protagonists of the talk show, however, do not stop to talk about it....

Competitors in the Island of the Famous 2019, that's who is there of Men and Women (Rumors)

Have been revealed the first competitors of the Famous Island in 2019. The new edition will start in about a month, or the 24 January. But in these hours is all the rage sensational indiscretion on the landing in Honduras, a former protagonist of Men and women. Apparently, they would not be George Manetti...